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    If any of you have read my book (Death's Death)'ll know where I'm taking this thread.

    As you all know by now...I've died and I experienced what I interpret as the beginning of the transference of our information in which I began to "remember".

    It's a certain recognition that emcompasses us/me and to which I assume is what some interpret as "love" however is more toward acceptance of one's self or selves.

    Anyway... I have another experience that I'd like to get your interpretations in regard. This happened to me while I was pregnant with my daughter. So, roughly 25 years ago as I was trying to sleep (husband worked the midnight shift), I felt something or someone grab my left ankle. I brought my right foot down on the area and hit something solid. I pushed against it as it began to pull me to the end of the bed. As I was pulled, it (whatever "it" was) pulled me toward the ceiling. I immediately began screaming just about every filthy word I could think of and demanded it to leave. It left very quickly by dropping my lower torso back onto the bed.

    Needless to say...I was pretty freaked out as I told my husband what had happened. He explained it away by suggesting that my stress and emotional state (an active two year old son and another child on the way) must have created a form a sleep paralysis (we currently refer to as hypnagogic paralysis). I agreed that that must have been it.

    However...the next day was on a weekend and my husband and I were talking to our neighbors that shared the townhouse next to ours (our Master bedroom walls were shared). I told her about my wild experience that night and her look turned to shock. She told us that she was pulled so forcibly off her bed that night that she knocked off a basket filled with clothes at the foot. She ended up on the floor and her husband remarked "what the hell are you doing?!". To which she tried to explain. Her husband stood there as she retold her story, with his mouth fully opened. He said a few choice words and said that they were moving. My husband became concerned at that point.

    For some odd reason...I told my husband that it was going to be fine and that I was going to find out what was going on. It never happened again. The question is...why did it happen at all? What purpose was there in such an experience?

    What I can tell you is that it was a major catapult for Death's Death. Because what it proved to me is that manifestations can be tangible! We can be physically touched and have physical exchanges with what we call "ghosts".

    This brings forward technologies that are way beyond Kardeshez scales. This is manipulations of not only the atomic but the sub-atomic...leading us to realize that death was conquered long ago...long long ago. Very Happy (I'll get into this paragraph's subject further in this thread, if anyone is interested?).

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