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    What is "consciousness"?


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    What is "consciousness"? Empty What is "consciousness"?

    Post  Admin on Mon Jul 14, 2014 6:41 pm

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    In regard to the topic of's an interesting one, as usually we regard something as conscious when it can understand the information we are directing at particular in its emotional relay. We many times do tend to smear emotion onto our communications with one another and other life forms or inanimate objects in an array of degrees and means such as tones, expressions, aesthetic forms such as writing style or emphasis, etc...  Yup, as an example,  we may scream or speak affectionately to our vehicles (automobiles in this case)  in an attempt to anthropomorphize a machine.  Are we perhaps attempting to transfer something over?  Or, is it an assumption that it somehow will respond?

    What is interesting about human consciousness as perhaps with all mammals, is that, we give what is called "meaning" to stuff...just like we do with our machines or our pets or anything in nature.  We give meaning, and we give meaning its meaning.  In example...we can tell one another how sound waves travel through a medium of molecules, bumping each molecule according to the waves' vibrational frequencies...but tell me...why do we dance?  Why is it, that when we hear what we "feel" is a particularly cool rhythm...why do we move to it?  Why do we find such frequencies aesthetically pleasing?  Perhaps most importantly, why do we give it meaning?  We call it "music" and we dance or sway or lay back in pleasurable meditation listening to such waves.  We also find meaning in words...and we respond to words with emotion...whether they be poetic or informative, each motivates us and sometimes can and does manipulate us.  

    So, along with consciousness..."meaning" is a to ones' "it's just another ocean view" to another's "it's amazing!" our opinions do appear to have formulated our reality.  Is meaning simply negative or positive reflection of consciousness?  I'll use "fire" as an can be dangerous or beneficial.  But some find fire beautiful, no matter the reflection.  How many of us find stars to be horrible?  Those explosions are very pretty in the night sky twinkling because of our atmosphere.  We look up at them in awe.  We apply the meaning.  They are pretty...but why? Why are they aesthetically pleasing?

    And for now the question is...when we die...why does the information that we find ourselves in...why does it "feel" perfect?  What is "perfect"? Why when we return, do we give our experiences overwhelming meaning?  Why can we not "express" such to our current emotions or state of consciousness? Why ask "why"? Are we assuming that these particular vehicles will respond?

    Or, should we just dance?

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