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    Cloe's near death experience


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    Cloe's near death experience Empty Cloe's near death experience

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    Cloe's near death experience Ebh2

    That's the hospital that I had a near death experience in as I was having my third and last child (reason being).

    I was into around twenty two hours of labor, and suddenly my blood pressure elevated into the two hundreds. I remember the nurse saying my blood pressure numbers and each was two hundred something. The alarms went off and I noticed them bring in the heart defibulator and the doctor rushing in. He turned me over and gave me two shots in my thighs.

    My husband was in the corner crying, so I knew that I was in trouble.

    I noticed a young intern or medical technician (not sure, but he was wearing the typical white uniform)come in and he sat next to me on my left and began rubbing my left arm. My husband also noticed this man, and thinking back, it was a bit odd that they let him in with all that was going on.

    The delivery room that I was in was on the second floor of that hospital (there's a total of five floors) and it had no windows as it was located centrally and the windows that you see are located on the hospital rooms in which patients are monitored. Surgery and delivery are centralized and have no windows.

    I'm making sure to clarify that because as I was leaving (dying) through my face, the ceiling disappeared and I could see the sky! I could still see parts of the ceiling, but mostly sky. I remember that I also noticed a bunch of pigeons on a ledge of the hospital that I later verified was indeed there, so this was no hallucination.

    I was coming out of my face, I knew that I had to go up and left because that was the direction that I was looking at for some reason unknown to me until today.

    As I was coming out of my face, the medical technician looked directly into my eyes and said something like "please don't go, we need you.". With that I pulled myself back and suddenly I felt tremendous fear. My guess is that the fear was to keep me here. My body wanted to live and I was experiencing my body's fear.

    It was then that my child was born. I noticed that the medical technician was no longer there, so when I was taken to my room, I quickly asked who the medical technician was, and no one seemed to know. One even remembered seeing him, but still didn't recognize him.

    What I found odd about no one seeming to know who he was is that this is a military hospital. Military personnel become a very close knit circuit very quickly. I was in the military for eight years and my husband retired from the military and in each and every one of our tours we bonded closely with those we worked with. I still can recall everyone's name and sometimes wonder how they're all doing.

    Anyway, I wish that I could've thanked him and talked with him awhile, because I would have liked to have known how he knew that I was leaving at that moment. My husband said that it was probably because he had similar situations, but I guess I'll have to wait for that answer.

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